Peptide Bonded Glutamine VS Standard Glutamine

Peptide Bonded Glutamine (peptides) are naturally derived chemicals that allow the individual to get larger doses of glutamine into their system quicker due to the stable structure. The advantage of this stable form is that it is digested rapidly and has a fast uptake.

Fission Nutrition’s Peptide bonded Glutamine carries many advantages over regular glutamine.

Regular Glutamine does help increase muscle mass but because the absorption isn’t rapid it gets involved in other metabolic processes including boosting the immune system, liver, gut etc. In fact studies have shown a high percentage of glutamine doesn’t reach muscle tissue after rigorous exercise due to its priorities being split supporting many health related functions. Supplementing with standard glutamine will support muscle mass but not to the standard of Peptide Bonded Glutamine.

Peptide Bonded Glutamine has a rapid absorption rate. The digestive tract has special peptide transport systems which is far superior than standard glutamine. This is key to many athletes/gym goers performing at a high level who require instant recovery.

The best time to take a Peptide Bonded Glutamine is right after a hard exercise session since most depletion stores in muscle can be depleted up to 40% after exhaustive exercise. A dosage of around 5-10 grams at this time is the standard recommendation, although you can increase this. Fission Nutrition believe in Peptide Bonded Glutamine and use this in various products including S.V.P, X4Ri Protein and Carb HIT.

The success of any athlete/gym goer is down to many factors, effort, diet and of course recovery.

If you struggle with DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) supplementing with Peptide bonded glutamine may help reduce the duration. Any serious athlete would definitely consider supplementing with Peptide Bonded Glutamine with the many benefits it carries over regular glutamine.