Since I first started training from the age of 14 I have always wanted bigger arms, as most guys do I guess. I often get asked what do I do for my arm training.

Since I started competing I really tried to concentrate on other body parts such as legs and delts as they were weaker points for me. I competed 2008 2009 and 2010, and then took a 2 year off season to make changes to my physique.

In my two years off I really wanted to bring up some weaker areas and bring new volumes to my arms. I feel when trying to bring up lacking body parts to train them more often.

Here is my split that I followed:

Monday – Delts + arms
Tuesday- Quads + hams
Wednesday- Abs + calf’s
Thursday- Chest + arms
Friday- Back + traps
So on my arm routine this is how I split it

* Monday’s arms main focus was on triceps with compound movements taking priority, and then some superset volume lighter work for biceps


Close grip bench press 1 warm up set 3 working sets 6-8reps
overhead Dumbbell extensions 3 working sets 6-8 reps
Weighted dips 10 reps


Seated single arm curls 3 working sets 10-12 reps
Double arm preacher curls 10-12 reps
Rope hammer curls 15 reps 2 sets

* Thursday arms main focus was on Biceps with heavy movements taking priority, and then some superset volume lighter work for triceps


Barbell standing curls 3 x 6
Single arm standing curls 3 x 6
Cross body hammer curls 3 x 8 each arm
Standing high pully cable curl to head 2 x 8


Close Pushdowns 3 x12
Skull Crushers (concentric movement only) 3 x 12

*Concentric contraction occurs when a muscle shortens in length and develops tension e.g. the upward movement of a dumbbell in a biceps curl
Cable single kickback 2 x12

I followed this routine solidly for about 6 months and with a break for a month only training arms light once a week then repeated.

*Tips – 1.) After every exercise on the last rep I do a static hold for 5 seconds. 2.)Make sure when you do each exercise the arm is fully extended (Eccentric) unless I have stated concentric, no cheat reps, let the muscle take on as much load (weight) as possible, don’t throw the reps up 2.) As a finisher squeeze or flex the muscle for 30 seconds, take a minute off and repeat, do this on your lighter sessions at the end of the workout.

All these tips are to push the muscle to the maximum and tear as many fibres as possible. You should see progression after a month. Good luck.

Training breakdown

Slow twitch fibers – higher rep range around 15 or more reps with limited rest of less than 1 minute
Fast twitch type IIa fibers – moderate rep range around 6-15 reps, with moderate rest of 1-2 minutes
Fast twitch type IIb fibers – low rep range around 1-5 reps, with long rest periods of at least 2 minutes up to 5 minutes

With both triceps and biceps made up of mainly fast twitch fibres it is important to follow and feed your muscles with the correct workout. The programme above is dominate of Fast twitch type IIa and IIb which is perfect for muscle growth. You will find this with most muscles in the human body, there will be a mixture of fibres to make up one muscle. It’s about training smart and rewarding your muscles the right way.


One thing I did notice a lot last year when doing a lot of volume/supersets training that since supplementing with AV-8TION Hardcore my training has gone up a notch. I am able to go and push more whereas before I would hit the wall. AV-8TION is like an extra engine, it’s a product I would definitely recommend.