About Fission Nutrition

Fission Nutrition® is a bespoke sports supplement company providing great quality products at an affordable price.

Fission Nutrition is a knowledgeable company having years of experience within bodybuilding as well as competitive sport.They have found through experience that many supplements haven’t met their needs, so created proteins drinks and supplements that were economical and effective.Fission Nutrition has produced tailored formulas with ingredients sourced from the UK that will assist you with all of your training and nutritional needs.

Customer Service For more information, help and advice please contact us at: info@fissionnutrition.co.uk or sales@fissionnutrition.co.uk leaving a contact telephone number and we will return your enquiry at our earliest convenience.

Quantitative Ingredients Declaration (or QUID) Fission Nutrition pride themselves on being honest with the indication of the quantity of an ingredient or category of ingredients used in the manufacture or preparation of a food supplement formulas being displayed transparently on all our labels. Other food supplement manufacturers still do not adhere to this rule

The indication of quantity of an ingredient or category of ingredients shall:

(a) be expressed as a percentage, which shall correspond to the quantity of the ingredient or ingredients at the time of its/their use; and
(b) appear either in or immediately next to the name of the food or in the list of ingredients in connection with the ingredient or category of ingredients in question.