With so much choice out there we have made it easier to choose your protein. Everyone has different goals/lifestyle choices and body types so trying to find the right protein for you can be trial and error. Below is a brief outline of our 5 proteins, more than one can be used in your daily routine.


X4RI PROTEIN “The Recovery one”


EXTRA’S : VITAMIN C 1000MG (excellent anti-oxidant to boost your immune system)

PEPTIDE BONDED GLUTAMINE 3600MG (ideal for muscle repair & recovery)

 When to take? POST WORKOUT & AS A MEAL REPLACEMENT. As soon as your workout is finished, grab your shaker and 1 serving of X4Ri Protein (2 scoops) take with 400-500ml of water. Once consumed have your next planned meal 1 hour afterwards to continue the muscle repair and to boost your metabolism.  Always post workout and can be used as a meal replacement if you’re on the go.


HYDRO-ISO “ The Rapid absorption one”


EXTRA’S: 6.2g BCAAs naturally occurring, using the top end proteins.

When to take? FIRST THING IN THE MORNING & POST WORKOUT. Using the top end proteins makes this protein ideal to have first thing in the morning when the body has been depleted of nutrition overnight due to sleep. It is also ideal to have as a post workout shake. If you did opt for this we would also recommend combining with “Muscle intra xcel” (carb recovery product) as it is important to replenish the body with carbohydrates post exercise. Hydro-iso also boasts 6.2g BCAA which is great to enhance muscle recovery. Finally, it has less than 1g of sugar and 1g of fat making it perfect for anyone with strict calorie intake like a dieting bodybuilder. Taste has not been compromised….in fact it is our biggest seller for that reason.





EXTRA’S: CREATINE MONOHYDRATE (helps with strength & muscle endurance) 4.15G PEPTIDE BONDED GLUTAMNE (helps with muscle recovery) 4.15G TAURINE 600MG L-CARNITINE 250MG

 When to take? MEAL BEFORE TRAINING SESSION & POST WORKOUT 1-2 hours before your workout with milk and 1 serving post workout with water.  S.V.P is designed to improve your strength and performance and for those wishing to add on mass.  If you wanted more calories then add a banana to both smoothies and maybe peanut butter if you are in favour of that.


G TEC 5 PROTEIN “The time released one”.


EXTRA’S: High in casein.

When to take? BEFORE BED & BETWEEN MEALS AS A SNACK G TEC 5 has a combination of fast and slow releasing proteins. It is ideal to take throughout the day and if you were to have a shake before bed then this would be the choice due to having a high casein blend which is naturally slower digesting than other proteins. G TEC 5 Protein is very versatile can be added to cooked porridge/smoothies or to make pancakes with.


DIET SHAKE 120  “The Slim one”


EXTRA’S:  L-CARNITINE 250MG(fat burning aid) GREEN TEA 120MG (fat burning aid) CAFFEINE 120MG

When to take? IN BETWEEN MEALS AS A SNACK & POST WORKOUT. If you’re struggling with weight loss this protein would be our pick. It comes with natural fat burning aids to help increase your metabolism.   The higher the metabolism, the more calories will be burned. Diet Shake can also help reduce cravings by creating your own smoothies in between meals.  1 servings + almond milk = no more than 180 calories for a smoothie that will fill you up.