Fission Performance Series endorsed by Rory Coleman

International & Celebrity Performance Coach

> 1001 Marathons
> 244 ULTRA-marathons
> 9 Guinness World Records
> 14 Marathon des Sables
> 8692 Days’ Alcohol Free

‘Running is Simple Science and your Sports Drinks should be too’… I’ve teamed up with FISSION, and together we’ve developed the perfect supplements for your race preparation, performance and recovery.

Why choose the Fission Perform Series brand?

Quantitative Ingredients Declaration (or QUID) Fission Nutrition pride themselves on being honest with the indication of the quantity of an ingredient or category of ingredients used in the manufacture or preparation of a food supplement formulas being displayed transparently on all our labels. Other food supplement manufacturers still do not adhere to this rule

The indication of quantity of an ingredient or category of ingredients shall:

(a) be expressed as a percentage, which shall correspond to the quantity of the ingredient or ingredients at the time of its/their use; and
(b) appear either in or immediately next to the name of the food or in the list of ingredients in connection with the ingredient or category of ingredients in question.


Instead of devouring a mountain of pasta the night before your race, here’s the perfect way of Carbo-
Loading. Three days of being carbohydrate free followed by three days of using ‘Load’ will get you in a solidly fueled-state and help you stay energised well into the latter miles.


Understanding race nutrition is a complete minefield, so why not try ‘Race’ to see if you can knock off seconds or even minutes off your PB. You’ll find L-Arginine enhances blood flow increasing oxygen uptake to your muscles so your body can work for longer at a much higher levels.


‘Recovery’ is a high quality post workout protein shake and is ideal to take after intense exercise. I used it as part of my food rations at this year’s Marathon des Sables as it delivers 404kcals per 100grms. It also tastes totally delicious, especially the Raspberry flavour, which is my own favourite.